Many people feel very uncomfortable with certain repetitive sounds around: people chewing, crunching or sniffing, cutlery touching plates, typing on the keyboard, barking and meows, etc.

It may seem silly, but it is not! This is called MISOPHONIA (miso = aversion; phonia = sounds), it is becoming more and more common and may start in childhood!

These people cannot sleep, concentrate on study / work, or even have a meal together. They are embarrassed to warn their friends or co-workers that they are making “annoying” noises because they know that the problem is theirs. Thus, the quality of life gets worse and worse. They need help.

Wishing to help, we created the SOS MISOPHONIA: anyone who is uncomfortable can communicate – in an ANONYMOUS, POLITE and FREE way – who makes the annoying sounds and does not know that there is someone around with misophonia.

See how easy it is!!!


app-misofonia-passo1 app-misofonia-passo2

Enter name and email of who should RECEIVE the alert

Enter the sounds that disturb who will SEND the alert.

Click submit and the alert will be sent anonymously.



This area is dedicated to people who are uncomfortable with certain sounds (Misophonia) and feel embarrassed to inform who is producing those sounds.

Therefore, Instituto Ganz Sanchez will send the email with SOS MISOPHONIA anonymously to the people you select to receive it.

Thank you very much for respecting and using this space only if you really feel uncomfortable.


Check here an example of the text that will be sent.